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Re: women in IT (in AU)

About that "women in IT" topic and for those of you who read French,
here's an article I recently went on:


Gartner: 'Les femmes sont plus efficaces que les hommes dans le monde

aka "Women are more efficient than men in the IT world"

OK, this is Gartner talking and I guess we all have a pretty low
opinion about these Gartner studies...but it is interesting to see
that such ideas are floating around which, imho, is already by itself
a progress.

Indeed, the real content of the article is not trying to explain why
women are (or are supposed to be) more efficient...bur more pointing
that the ratio of women in IT is constantly decreasing and that
companies should acknowledge that a levelled balance is one of the
keys of success in the IT world *also*.

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