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Re: women in IT (in AU)

Hello Margarita and*

Am 2006-11-04 12:59:51, schrieb Margarita Manterola:

> Before becoming a Free Software activist, I used to work at a small
> propietary software developing company.  It had two groups: "Software
> Solutions" and "Software Engineering".
> The software solutions team, was composed by one boss (male) and a
> team of 3 men and 6 women.  The software engineering team, was
> composed by one boss (male) and a team of 4 men.
> Now, I didn't realize this disparity until the moment that I was told
> that I was going to be changed into the software engineering groups,
> and one of my fellow workers said, "That's not possible, that boss
> never employs women".  And it was true, until then :).
> My point is, one team was mostly women, because the boss preferred to
> work with women, while the other preferred men, so they built their
> teams that way.  I guess that in a lot of cases it's the same thing,
> men in IT usually feel more comfortable working with other men, and
> thus build their teams with few or no women.
> I can't blame them for that, but it would be better if we could all
> move on and feel comfortable working with whichever gender :)

My Enterprise (Tamay Dogan Network) is an Enterprise for creating
infrastructures (IT, Renouvelable Energies, ...) and I am working
exclusivly with women.  ;-)

Oops, I have forgotten, to mention, that TDnet is for developing
of women mainly in Moroco, Turkey and Iran.

AND (!!!), this give me very big problems since the Prefecture of
Strasbourg/France has stoped my Enterprise with a judgement.

1. I am foreigner which are not welcome in France
2. Women should stay @home and not working
   (The french gov is working on such directive since they
   are peoples which believe, that they are to many men in
   France without jobs because women)
3. I do development with (discriminated) foreign women and
   not with french women (hey, they are not motivated to
   work in IT and frenchies do not want to learn english, - 
   Sorry Chris, but now I am since 23 years in a french
   military service and I have enough of this BS in France!
   Specialy for the Ministry of Interieure)
4. ...

N. Endless list!

Oh, they have Kicked-Off my domain and NOW I will run an .IR domain

Thanks, Greetings and nice Day
    Michelle Konzack
    Tamay Dogan Network
    Debian GNU/Linux Consultant

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