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Re: women in IT

Quoting Helen Faulkner (helen@thousand-ships.com):
> Jude Lucien wrote:
> > Interesting thread.
> Indeed.  It would be cool to do a survey of the list subscribers wrt this issue.

Scientific Computing and Networks Department at the French Aerospace
Research Center (ONERA), Paris area headquarters

25 people (staff included) out of which 3 women (only 2 in really
technical jobs)

Outsourced activities (these ppl are doing most of the day-by-day job
managing infrastructures, servers, desktop systems, etc): 20 people
out of which.....1 woman (who's head of one of the two teams, though)

Combining all this makes about 45 people out of which 4 women. 10%

We also have a dedicated department which is in charge of the
Enterprise Management software (they manage applications more
than machines). The women ratio there is 5 out of 8 people.

Combine everything gives 9/53. Less than 20%

Adding our colleagues from the company's other places in France should
give something like 11/65 (17%) or so, for an overall
number of employees of 1700, mostly research scientists, where the
women ratio is 30-40%

Not that good, heh?

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