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Re: Re: IT screen goddesses

Hi Sonja, 

First of all, I woud like to ask you not to Cc: people that are
obviously subscribed to the Debian Women mailing list, as they are
already receiving your email. The only reason I am Cc:ing you is that I
am not sure that you are subscribed. Please excuse me if you are.

Sonja Bernhardt wrote:
> Objectifying is something done to you
> Taking charge is manipulating that image and subverting it

I can't help quoting another really "international renowned feminist":

	"I assert that we’re choosing the path of least resistance. It’s
	much easier to acquiesce to a set of established
	conventions—social, aesthetic, political, sexual, sartorial—for
	which the rewards (dudely approval, other women’s satisfying
	jealousy) dangle brightly ahead, than it is to blaze forth in a
	fury of white-hot anti-feminine iconoclasm and risk ridicule,
	ostracism, and male reproach. Life’s rich pageant is much more
	accessible when you go with the flow. Patriarchy, as the Spice
	Girls and Paris Hilton can attest, rewards conformity. Which is
	why the new feminism must be sex-ay, and why the only freedom it
	promises is the freedom to enjoy the degradation".


This is what I think about the IT Screen Goddess Calendar, but I
couldn't have possibly worded it any better, English is not my native

[But I really think this is getting **off-topic** for Debian Women].

Happy Hacking!

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