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News from Peru: LinuxChix group announced

Hi, I'm pleased to let you know this. A group of girls, some of them
already involved for some years on our local groups, have decided to
gather and found linuxchix peru, they were working hard since some
months ago and will make the official launch on september 23 (spring
day here).

I've met them last week and they are very enthusiastic about all of
this. One thing they lack is contact with other chix around the world,
so I believe it would be cool if some of the subscribers can send them
greetings and get in touch with them, I can act as translator if needed.
And of course feel free to forward this to all lists you think it's

Here's the preliminar announce[0] from the leader[1] and a little note on
APESOL's portal[2]. Both are in spanish though.

0- http://silviadeene.blogspot.com/2006/07/nace-linuxchix-per-i-parte.html
1- I'm CC'ing her as you may note.
2- http://www.apesol.org/news/239

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