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Re: Re: IT screen goddesses

Hello I'm Sonja Benrhardt - the innovator behind the screen goddess calendar. Been reading your threaded discussions. Thought I would add in a small comment re: does the Screen Goddess IT Calendar objectify women.

I think the question is answered by the quote below from Dale Spender an international renowned feminist - author of many many books on the topic, international presenter - in the ilk of Germaine Greer.

Dale is also into IT.

"Just loved the calendar!

I think it is also about politics
Deconstructing the geeky image

I also think there is an enormous amount of fun in it

It’s really these women having the upper hand
Sending up the stereotype of IT and of eye candy

Objectifying is something done to you

Taking charge is manipulating that image and subverting it
That’s what they are doing"

PS Happy to respond to any q's about the calendar my contact details below.


Sonja Bernhardt

+ 61 416 248 236

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