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Re: Now for something really controversial...

On Tue, Jul 11, 2006 at 06:23:53PM -0400, Erinn Clark wrote:
> * Ana Guerrero <ana@ekaia.org> [2006:07:11 23:56 +0200]: 
> > Yeah, Why not subversion?
> It's a personal thing for me. I hate it. 
> However, I am not going to be the only one using the repo, so while I do
> not like subversion, I do know how to use it and wouldn't exactly die if
> it were the popular opinion. I'm mostly just curious what the people who
> work on the website (or would like to work on the website) prefer. :) If
> it's svn, cool, if it's bzr, cool, if it's rcs or cvs, ...we need to
> have a talk.

I'm used to work with svn, so /me votes for subversion. :)


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