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Re: Hello and introduction

Hi all,

<quote who="Christian Perrier">

> Older members could also send mini bios, by the way.....Who begins? :-)

I'm Pia Waugh, Debian was my first distro and even after trying a few other
distros I have always stuck with Debian and Debian derivatives, both for the
technical superiority and choice, as well as for the philosophical values.

I am vice president of Linux Australia (http://linux.org.au), I'm on the
Software Freedom Initiative (the people who organise Software Freedom Day
http://softwarefreedomday.org), I am into advocacy about FOSS, and am a
FOSS consultant with a technical background. I'm also doing a research
project about the use of FOSS in the education and research sectors in
Australia (http://www.ask-oss.mq.edu.au).

I also try to visit conferences as much as I can, and feel really
priveledged to have met such awesome people. This community is so strong
because it has core values underpinning it that make it important.

I have great respect for everyone on this list, and it is great to have
these discussions. I feel like I have family all over the world :)

Oh, and I'm also on the organising committee for linux.conf.au 2007 which
will be in Sydney. We don't have our website up yet, but call for papers
will be in a few months, so I want to see some great papers submitted by
chicks doing cool stuff! Which all of us are (those of you who are chicks
anyway) so there are no excuses :)

Rock on Debian-Women!

Linux Australia                                         http://linux.org.au/
    "We all pay for life with death, so everything in between should be
                            free." - Bill Hicks

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