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Re: IRC Python tutorial: Feb 4 or Feb 11

to, 2006-01-26 kello 00:20 +0200, Lars Wirzenius kirjoitti:
> Back last spring, I promised to give an online, IRC tutorial about
> Python basics. I've been dragging my feet about this like an Olympic
> champion, but let's finally do it.
> The date is either Saturday, February 4, 19-22 UTC, or Saturday,
> February 11, 19-22 UTC (i.e., Saturday next week or the week after that,
> European evening time). Three hours should be about as much as can be
> dealt with in one sitting. If you prefer only one of the dates, mail me
> in private to tell me which. The date is February 4, unless there is a
> strong preference for February 11.

Those who expressed a preference were strongly in favor of Saturday,
Febuary 11, so that's when it's going to be. See you then!

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