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Some news

Hi all!

I've been rather silent lately, so here's a few news:

1) I added an announcement for liw's python tutorial to [0]our website.
I've said it before but would like to repeat: If there is anything you'd
like to see on the website (mainly in the news), but don't feel up (or
are too busy) to put it there yourself, let me know. I'd be happy to
keep the news section a bit more alive.

2) I wrote a [1]text on Women in FLOSS communities. It's a statement on
[2]Michel Bauwen's [3]article "The Political Economy of Peer
Production", so you might want to read his paper first. Comments are

3) Next weekend I'll be in Cambridge, attending the "Gender and
Free/Libre/Open Source Software(F/LOSS) Policy Workshop", held by the
[4]FLOSSPOLS project. I'll be meeting some other D-W members there. I am
very much looking forward to it and will post a report once I returned.


[0] http://women.alioth.debian.org/
[1] http://www.alphascorpii.net/peer-to-peer.html
[2] http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Michel_Bauwens
[3] http://www.ctheory.net/articles.aspx?id=499
[4] http://www.flosspols.org/

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