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IRC Python tutorial: Feb 4 or Feb 11

Back last spring, I promised to give an online, IRC tutorial about
Python basics. I've been dragging my feet about this like an Olympic
champion, but let's finally do it.

The date is either Saturday, February 4, 19-22 UTC, or Saturday,
February 11, 19-22 UTC (i.e., Saturday next week or the week after that,
European evening time). Three hours should be about as much as can be
dealt with in one sitting. If you prefer only one of the dates, mail me
in private to tell me which. The date is February 4, unless there is a
strong preference for February 11.

The IRC network is irc.oftc.net, the channel is #debian-women.

The topic is Python for people who can program (at least a little), but
don't know Python at all.

We will cover the very basics: syntax, basic data types, lists,
dictionaries, control structures, functions, classes and objects, and
modules. Or possibly less, depending on how time allows. Certainly not
all the details of everything. Most of the examples will be about string
manipulation, since that is common in most kinds of programs.

The tutorial will go so that I give an example code snippet, and then we
discuss it, and then we go on from there. I will prepare a series of
snippets to illustrate various things, and a small example program to
performa a particular task. We can also discuss other code snippets.

If you have particular issues or topics you'd like me to cover, mail me.
I can't promise to know everything about everything in Python (because I
don't), but if I can prepare beforehand, I may be able to give that

If you have any other questions or suggestions, mail me.

I also promised to give a PyGTK tutorial. If the basic Python one goes
well, I'd be happy to do the PyGTK one also, later.

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