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Re: list statistics

* Margarita Manterola <margamanterola@gmail.com> [2006:01:21 12:18 -0300]: 
> On 1/19/06, Helen Faulkner <helen@debian.org> wrote:
> >  Do you think the Debian Women project is still helping to encourage more
> > women to be involved in Debian?
> This is more difficult, we haven't seen any new faces recently, and I
> think that's sad.  

Well, FWIW, I have seen some new faces, but you're right, it's not
anything like it was at first. I think at first we had a flood of them
and now, while it's more of a trickle, it continues nonetheless. I'm
more worried we're not keeping people, rather than wondering if we're
not doing enough to attract them in the first place.

> Maybe we could try a small campaign, or something, like we did for
> Software Freedom Day, so that more women get to know about us and get
> involved in the project...

That's probably a good idea. I think Helen's welcoming committee was
relatively successful, in that there were a fair amount of new women who
showed up; I'm not sure how many stuck around, as not everyone has the
time nor the inclination to hang out on IRC all day and night. :)

> Is the mentoring program still going on? Any new mentees?  I think
> that it was a very nice idea and that we might need to advertise it a
> little bit more, to get more mentees.

It's still going, in the sense that it hasn't been shut down :) but we
haven't gotten any new mentees in a long while.

> >  Do you think it is still needed to encourage the involvement of women?
> Yes, I definitely do.  But to encourage the involvement of new women,
> not the ones that are already participating, the lurkers, or the ones
> that haven't yet subscribed to the mailing list.

Perhaps we just need some energy to do these things. Inertia is always
hard to deal with though. So umm, lurkers, I've got a whole host of
things you can do if you want. ;)

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