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Re: list statistics


On 1/19/06, Helen Faulkner <helen@debian.org> wrote:

>  Is the Debian Women project meeting your needs?  How could it do so better?

I guess it is... Although the mailing list is a bit "quiet", I tend to
ask my questions on IRC, and there's always someone who volunteers an
answer.  Also, I still find the d-w channel a nice place to have a
chat when I dispair about the flamewars going on elsewhere.

>  Do you think the Debian Women project is still helping to encourage more
> women to be involved in Debian?

This is more difficult, we haven't seen any new faces recently, and I
think that's sad.  Maybe we could try a small campaign, or something,
like we did for Software Freedom Day, so that more women get to know
about us and get involved in the project...

Is the mentoring program still going on? Any new mentees?  I think
that it was a very nice idea and that we might need to advertise it a
little bit more, to get more mentees.

>  Do you think it is still needed to encourage the involvement of women?

Yes, I definitely do.  But to encourage the involvement of new women,
not the ones that are already participating, the lurkers, or the ones
that haven't yet subscribed to the mailing list.


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