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Re: list statistics

Hi Helen, everyone,

here are my opinions as someone who subscribed to the list roughly 2
years ago and has mostly lurked silently since then.

On Fri, 2006-01-20 at 11:17 +1100, Helen Faulkner wrote:
> So, a couple of questions (these have been asked before, and will
> probably be asked again in the future):
> Is the Debian Women project meeting your needs?  How could it do so
> better?

My motivation for subscribing to the list was that I've been somewhat
tempted to contribute to Debian for years, but I never quite seem to
find the time for it. So when I heard about the Debian Women project, I
thought that it could make it easier for me (in terms of knowing who to
ask if I encounter any problems I can't solve myself) to contribute *as
soon as I decide I actually want to do it*. Which, in the last two
years, hasn't happened, as my Master's Thesis and lots of other stuff
got in the way. It also makes "the people behind Debian" less anonymous,
even though Planet Debian does that as well.

> Do you think the Debian Women project is still helping to encourage
> more women to be involved in Debian?

Well, yes. Me, for example. In a way. But just by being there, so I know
that when I decide to be more actively involved, I have a place to ask
questions etc.

>  Do you think it is still needed to encourage the involvement of women?

Probably. Hell, if I were exposed to a bit more enthusiasm along the
lines of "I'm looking for people to do X (some smallish task) at time Y
(a few hours on a given day)" a bit more regularly, that might make the
difference for me to change my priorities and decide that something else
I'm currently spending my time on is less important than contributing to
Debian. And Debian Women would be a good place for something like this
to come from (for me).

So, to summarise: the way the Debian Women mailing list is right now (is
the IRC channel any different, by the way?), it does what I personally
want from it, which is that it's there in case I need it in the future.
But I'd also like a much more active Debian Women mailing list/project
in general, and at least I personally would very probably be more likely
to decide to contribute to Debian with more going on on this list. On
the other hand, if people have to choose between making Debian Women
more active (again) or doing something that will benefit Debian users a
bit more directly, I'd say do the latter. 



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