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Re: list statistics

> Does this mean that people are happy with the list having relatively few posts
> to it, and don't miss the vigorous discussions that we've had at times in the
> past?  (Personally I like most of the vigorous discussions, especially when they
> are productive in terms of achieving the goals of the DW projects.)

I *do* miss the vigorous discussions, or at least discussions....

>  Is the Debian Women project meeting your needs?  How could it do so better?

IMHO, it does *no more* meet my "needs". DW had a huge consequence by
helping in getting a kind of "generation" of new contributors in
Debian and more involved in Debian.

But now all these are involved enough....and no more have time for or no
more give time to the DW project. Not a criticism, just a fact...

In the same time, those who did their best to help this (/me looks
self and a couple of other men in Debian) have turned their attention

So, we're at a quite critical moment:

-the project can slowly die

-some early contributors can give a few more of their time and propose
new ways to revive it (tutorials, documentation writing, other

-new contributors jump in by themselves, speak, and start a new DW
generation with the help of former generations

IMHO, the only viable option is the second one. The third one will not
happen alone. And the first is not an option..:-)

>  Do you think the Debian Women project is still helping to encourage more women
> to be involved in Debian?

Tough question. And being a little bit provocative, I would answer "no".

>  Do you think it is still needed to encourage the involvement of women?

I personnally think so, yes.

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