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Re: DebConf6

Quoting Erinn Clark (erinn@double-helix.org):
> yo,
> I have no plans to submit a talk proposal about DW for DebConf6, but
> thought someone else here might be interested? I'm thinking of
> submitting a talk on something else, but the CFP is coming to a close
> (and is really quite early this year, IMNSHO, but anyway): 

I was recently thinking about this. My own opinion is that Yet Another
D-W talk would obviously be too much after two talks at DC4 and DC5.

The project is now well known and "advertised".

However, it would be a shame if there is no talk with the D-W "label"
at DC6. No idea currently pops up to my mind but it's worth

I'm under the feeling that the D-W project is slowly going to sleep
mode (correct me if I'm wrong) and needs some "push" again.

Maybe this is because the first goals have been achieved: women
visibility in Debian has been increased and more and more of you are
now completely involved. Actually involved enough for not having time
for D-W maybe..:-)

OK, nothing really realted to DC6 talks, but I think you get the point
(I'm in an expo right now so developing clear ideas is pretty hard)

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