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Re: DebConf6

Hi Christian, all

> I was recently thinking about this. My own opinion is that Yet Another
D-W talk would obviously be too much after two talks at DC4 and DC5.

I agree, that's why I originally didn't offer to give it. I also think
that by now we are quite well known, and those who don't know us yet can
easily be "converted" in a normal discussion.

> The project is now well known and "advertised".

Aren't we a noisy crowd ;)

> However, it would be a shame if there is no talk with the D-W "label" at
DC6. No idea currently pops up to my mind but it's worth discussing.

I had a similar problem when preparing talks for a few recent Linux events
in Germany. I felt a bit fed up with talking (yet another time) about how
women can be technically competent/good sysads/good programers etc blabla.
I think I've done that once too often. So my new concept is that instead
of again and again telling everybody, I now just give a live demonstration
of the above stated fact. Ergo, I give talks on lots of other stuff - but
in my D-W Shirt ;)

I think we should do the same / a similar thing at DC6. Get a bunch of
people together who give good talks on whatever they want to talk about,
but make them known as D-W members (Tshirt, funny hat, forehead tattoo
...). In this way we'd have IMHO more (and maybe even better) exposure and
advertisement than with a simple D-W talk.


Who else will go to mx and is planning to give a talk?

> I'm under the feeling that the D-W project is slowly going to sleep mode
(correct me if I'm wrong) and needs some "push" again.

> Maybe this is because the first goals have been achieved: women
visibility in Debian has been increased and more and more of you are now
completely involved. Actually involved enough for not having time for
D-W maybe..:-)

That's at least true for me. I am currently quite busy with all kinds of
Debian (or general Linux) stuff ((and my sucky job)), which is somehow to
the disadvantage of D-W.
I am however still around and lurking, so if anything comes up I'll be
glad to help.


Meike Reichle - University of Hildesheim

mail:   mrei0999@uni-hildesheim.de
web:    http://www.uni-hildesheim.de/~mrei0999

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