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Re: DebConf6

Hi Christian

* Christian Perrier <bubulle@debian.org> [2005:11:23 11:23 +0100]: 
> I was recently thinking about this. My own opinion is that Yet Another
> D-W talk would obviously be too much after two talks at DC4 and DC5.
> The project is now well known and "advertised".

Yeah, I actually agree -- I personally think it's better for women
involved in DW to give talks about other things so our outreach doesn't
seem so limited. 

> However, it would be a shame if there is no talk with the D-W "label"
> at DC6. No idea currently pops up to my mind but it's worth
> discussing.

I liked Marga's idea about this. Originally at DC5 I think we wanted to
do something similar, but didn't really get around to it. 

> I'm under the feeling that the D-W project is slowly going to sleep
> mode (correct me if I'm wrong) and needs some "push" again.
> Maybe this is because the first goals have been achieved: women
> visibility in Debian has been increased and more and more of you are
> now completely involved. Actually involved enough for not having time
> for D-W maybe..:-)

I think this is accurate. I know I've got plenty of other stuff going on
either directly related to Debian or not related at all. I also think
some of us are just kind of burned out. We do get women showing up at a
fairly regular rate still, which is good, but I'm both worried that
we're not necessarily the kind of group they were expecting (in a bad
way) and I'm also too tired to really try to do anything about it. But
that's inertia, really -- and I think a bunch of us are feeling that
way. We've gotten comfortable and sort of stagnant and unless women
start actually leaving in droves, I'm not sure anything will be done. I
just know I personally lack the energy/motivation to continue doing what
we did in the past. 

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