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Re: Another "Women in FOSS" Panel

Quoting Danese Cooper (danese@gmail.com):
> http://foss.in/2005/schedules/
> This time at FOSS.in.  As usual I'll pass on comments and blog  
> pointers about how it goes.  BTW, not indicated here, but as usual it  
> will be a panel and not just me talking...going for interactivity as  
> always.

BTW, interesting story for you to add: the future translator of Debian
Installer and also contributor for Ubuntu translations in the Sanskrit
language is actually a woman living in India. No idea whether this is
in Bangalore area or not, though.

She wants her real life name kept unrevealed up to now (she'll
probably explain you why) but I suggest you get in touch with her if
not already done. Her e-mail address is "svaksha hatte gmail.com". You
can tell her I am the culprit for pointing you to her..:-)

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