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Re: Computer Club for Girls

Hi Helen et al.,

> It would be cool to get some DW speakers in the UK to go talk to
> some cc4g clubs about open-source and women in open-source.  I
> wonder whether anyone would be interested in doing that?  We could
> approach the people organising cc4g with that suggestion, maybe.

I've actually approached CC4G about this twice -- once several months
and then again last week at a talk by one of the CC4G
organisers. Rather frustratingly, they're not interested. CC4G is run
around a fairly tight model, involving small groups within schools,
run by a coordinator who guides the girls through a curriculum
involving a set of software tools designed by CC4G. They're not keen
on having groups such as DW speak at CC4G clubs, though they'd be
happy for DW members to sign up as CC4G voluteers and help with the
regular program. Also, I did take their contact details in hopes of
getting them to think about using free software in future, though to
be honest, I'm not very hopeful.

hanna m. wallach

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