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Re: Some thoughts regarding DW

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~  I wasn't involved with the thread or discussion in question

on 16/8/05 1:45 PM Jutta Wrage said the following:
| The problem is, if it needs hours of discussion, just to change the
| page and make it accessible again, that really sucks, Everyone can  see:
| Oh, lynx does not work, we have a problem - if one accepts that  being a
| problem.  Either we want accesibilty, and then we do not  discuss about
| nothing going wrong or we do not and just take lynx in  concern. There
| are several reasons, why some people have to use lynx.

Perhaps the need for a 'very long discussion' is that some people are
very interested about accessibility and web standards and any quirks may
be an interesting point of discussion to a certain breed of geek?

| If you cannot see, why the need of a very long discussion about that
| might hurt people  extremly, I cannot do anything by that.

I don't understand why it 'might hurt people extremely' - it got fixed,
people had a discussion about it. Why is that extremely hurtful?

I may just lacking information about the original discussion and that's
why I don't understand it, but if it was fixed, I don't see the problem.

- - Penny
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