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Re: Some thoughts regarding DW

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Am 15.08.2005 um 00:58 schrieb Hanna M. Wallach:

Oh let's use tools that are
easier to use, so that more people can get involved," but in fact this
goes against the primary goal of Debian Women: integration.

1. Can you please be a bit more specific here what you refer too? Is that an argument to use tools like cvs (or the newer svn) like the main website instead of using baz because some find that easier to use (this is only an example)?

2. I see another problem with you mail:

reemphasised that Debian Women is about
integration -- integrating women into the Debian development community
(not the user community).

That is a fine thought. But the basis of female debian users is very small, even if you count those, who do not administrate the system, they are working on, because brother or friend is the only one having root access.

To clarify: I do not think, Debian-Women has to be a users-group for Women, But one of the goals must be to support working on getting more female users, those who are not afraid to make changes to their system on their own, backport/change packages and so on. Therefore it would be nice to have information about female users group, installation parties and all the other places, a women might want to go on the website of Debian Women until the main Website and all Debian Projects including the user support reflect the problem enough. It also might be fine, if material for people who work on this special goal is available on the website.

3. What about the integration of d-w into www.d.o? As far as I have understood, there are not so many problems to integrate the debian- women website (the wiki may be place directly under debianwomen.org then) into the main webwml tree. Is that one of the milestones? It would integrate the d-w project more into Debian. As you might know, I prepared already an (empty) example wml for the d-w pages on www.debian.org.

BTW: Making things easier by developing _new_ tools is not a bad thing. All tools Debian has for administrators or Developers are made for this purpose. But Tools do not help understanding the things behind the scenes often, so learning the tools is not all one needs.



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