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[Newsforge] Rachel App: Linux music geek


just read an article on Newsforge about Rachel App:

"Rachel App is a renaissance woman whose interests are shared mostly by
men and not other women. She's an independent label singer, songwriter,
musician, and Linux geek who uses a variety of open source applications
to record and enhance her music."

"App wasn't sure whether she'd like Linux, so she kept a Windows 98
partition. By November, she was sold on open source, so the friend who'd
introduced her to Linux helped her install from a Knoppix CD and then
upgrade to Debian unstable. "I decided to go with unstable, not testing,
because music applications were quite new at the time and I thought many
of them wouldn't be available as packages in Debian testing yet," App
says. "My friend didn't install any of the music stuff, so I worked my
way around ALSA on my own, using the Internet for info and help."




Michael Banck
Debian Developer

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