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[OT] Re: Living dangerously (was: Re: Another story about OSCON Women in Open Source panel

On 8/12/05, Clytie Siddall <clytie@riverland.net.au> wrote:
> I think Herman likes to prod things and see if they explode. ;)  It's
> fun, but you need to stand back and have good life insurance.
> Haven't you ever had that urge to stand up and shout "Fire!" in a
> crowded, dark film theatre? Or to pull a tablecloth out from under
> crockery? To build up a card house and then blow it over?

To pet big dogs, the meaner-looking the better. To touch artworks to
see if they are well glued together. To load the washing machine with
one more towel to see if the motor can cope. And then to load it with
yet one more towel. To go out with that really funny and cool-looking
girl, despite knowing three of your friends have been in rather bad
depressions after dating her. To apply for jobs you don't know much
about because it is a challenge. To keep plugging stuff into the same
electric outlet, extension cord after extension cord. To write all
your articles in Thunderbird new messages, and all your long posts in
Firefox textareas, way before they were 1.0. On a computer plugged in
to one of the aforesaid extension cords. Which are in turn plugged in
to the same electric network as the aforesaid washing machine. In the
same flat as the aforesaid girlfriend. The only thing we didn't have
is the mean-looking dog.

No, I can't say I haven't had that urge, or that I haven't succumbed to it.

> Hmm, maybe Herman and I need to see the same sort of counsellor... :D

Ask her whether she has group rates.

-- javier

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