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Re: Another story about OSCON Women in Open Source panel

On 8/12/05, Clytie Siddall <clytie@riverland.net.au> wrote:
> Should we write to them, do you think? I don't have much experience
> with the media, but there's a member on the Volunteers Linuxchix list
> who has a lot. Does it work to write in on occasions like this?

Write to them respectfully, addressing what should be a reporter's
main concern: representing their subjects correctly.

If you point out that they managed to emphasize the kind of
stereotypes and promote the behaviours that the Debian-Women project
wants to redress, they might not pay any attention to you, after all
they work for their paper, not for Debian-Women.

But if you point out that thanks to the innuendo in the headline and
first paragraph the Debian-Women project was misrepresented, and that
readers might be misinformed into thinking Debian-Women is not what it
really is, then they might listen to you because you will have pointed
out that they didn't do *their* work, not that they didn't do *yours*.

I make my living writing for different media and I have worked in
advocacy; these two approaches have very different results.

-- javier

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