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Debian Dictionaries - last try

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Beside the efforts to integrate the dicts into the main debian site here now another effort to get answer about the dichts on debian- women website.

Possible solutions:

1. Someone cares personally and contacts me about how things can be done

2. The dicts get upgrade automatically by me again - that was opposed vehemently.

3. The dicts will be removed from d-w website totally, as it is not possible to find a solution.

4. The dicts stay there mostly or totally uncared.

I am currently in work to set up svn to carry the program and the dict files. Ideally it should be possible just to checkout things and run the program with the given configs or a local one, if makedictutf8 [1] [2] can be run on a given system.

As far as I can see, there will not be any dictd server on debian systems so that access to the dictionaries with dict protocol can be done only by accessing another system. But it might be possible to have a nameserver entry for debian.net pointing to a dicht server. The server, the dicts now are on will be replaced in soem weeks, and I will work on that then.

So there is only need for the web pages at Debian Women website.

Contributions never went directly to d-w last months (maybe, because those contributing do not have any access ther or are even not involved in Debian Project or Debian-Women). Contributions have been made by sending files to me or using the web interface at www.witch.westfalen.de. Therefore cutting off this way to get more languages and new entries, cuts off the further growth of the dicts. That seems to be a fact. Most people want a real human being to contact fot the dicts, it seems.

We can find any working compromize, if you want. But please do not sent any other stop energy to the list just driving things down with different non-arguments like "do not fit". All this discussion has led the dicts at debian women website being unmaintained and made me a lot of additional obviously useless work, getting everything running on alioth, and a large amount of frustration. I am not willing to let these useless discussions make me throwing down every support I have given the debian project withing the last months. I really do not want to be unfair to all those developers working together with me on packages.d.o and www.d.o. Beside all the work which ate my spare time and a whole holiday, I have had a lot of fun working with them. And they have forced me to learn a lot I did not know before to address all the needs and critics. It has been a very good teamwork and I hope that can be continued, if I find enough time.

[1] makedictutf8.pl is currently using Unicode:Collate to sort the dict entries. But the lingual sorting is not fully supported for alll languages. So I have to add sorting overwrites for new languages sometimes, and it may happen, that only one new entry makes the program crash, because the sorting with Collate does not respect the Word order correctly. The solution is ICU, but we did not find something for perl supporting it. The sourceforge project, linked everywhere does not exist any longer and seems to have vanished totally. So the solution is using ICU togethere with python. and create a totally new makdictutf8. But that needs the ICU package from unstable... Here we are again at the same problem as before with perl 5.6 on alioth and the need of libraries from Perl 5.8. Making compromizes here mostly means not to address all possible languages.

[2] The "utf8" in the program name only means, it supports utf8 and uses it internally in some cases. It does not mean, latin1 is not supported.



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