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Re: adding gender field on debian developer's database (from debian-devel)

Hi Erinn,

While obviously the information may not be relevant to the overall
Debian project, I also share your curiosity in regards to what those
statistics might indicate. As I recall, the last time I had applied
for a job with the state, I had to fill out a survey in addition to
the application which obviously asked questions in regards to my sex,
ethnicity and other various points of interest. If I remember right,
it was mentioned in such a way that it wouldn't affect the hiring
process, but more or less just provided the hiring office with
information in regards to the applicant pool. At the same time though,
statistics are easily manipulated to prove whatever point you are
trying to make, so such an inquiry may open Pandora's box with
unexpected results.

On 8/4/05, Erinn Clark <erinn@double-helix.org> wrote:
> * Jana Thompson <janavthompson@gmail.com> [2005:08:04 15:54 -0500]:
> > Which are we attempting to target by having such a field? Classifying
> > someone by sexual organs or by how they view themselves in the society
> > at large at how they see themselves sexually? While it seems to be a
> > useful bit of information for coffee table discussion, how relevant it
> > is to the Debian project is somewhat unknown.
> Well, I don't think it's very relevant and neither do a lot of people
> which is why it's unlikely to ever exist. That said, I think it's mostly
> "interesting" from a statistical point of view. IIRC, this is why it
> came up during the DW talk at all -- it's an easier way to gather
> statistics.
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