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Re: Acronym on About page of main site

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Am 20.06.2005 um 02:11 schrieb Peter Samuelson:

BOF is a very common term used at technical conferences.

More computer (Usenix), I think

So, for now I have:

BOF: Bird Of a Feather, Bits Of Freedom, Begin Of File

Jargon it the only dict, where I find a bit more:

Abbreviation for the phrase "Birds
Of a Feather" (flocking together), an informal discussion group and/or bull session scheduled on a conference program. It is not clear where or when this term originated, but it is now associated with the USENIX conferences for Unix techies and was already established there by 1984. It was used earlier than that at DECUS conferences and is reported to have been common at SHARE meetings as far back as the early 1960s. 2.
     Acronym, `Beginning of File'.

The explanation in the english glossary could be like that.

So far, okay.

Now the translations (I can only try German here):

Bird of A Feather:  ??

glossary will miss a translated german term for more explanation

informal meeting can be translated as either
Informelles Treffen,  informelle Zusammenkunft
inoffizielles Treffen, inoffizielle Zusammenkunft

The dict linking works that way:
Acronym -> Full text (-> translation) -> explanation
For English that surely will work, but as Bird of A Feather seems not to be translatable, other languages will not work well.

I really have not idea how to solve that.


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