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Re: Acronym on About page of main site

[Jutta Wrage]
> I have heard "Bits Of Freedom" before, But I did not hear/read about  
> "Birds of a Feather" before joining the Debian-Women IRC-Channel.
> Birds Of a Feather is defined as slang, but slang is not that, what  
> people use (learn) normally, if not native speakers.

BOF is a very common term used at technical conferences.  It seems that
every technical conference I hear about has BOF sessions.  I think
nobody realised until now that the term is so unknown in other
contexts.  Nobody was trying to be exclusive here.  Now that we know,
I assume the web pages will be clarified if they aren't already.

Also - you have an acronym dictionary project for purposes quite like
this, right?

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