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Re: Acronym on About page of main site

Hi Clytie!!

Em Saturday 18 June 2005 06:53, Clytie Siddall escreveu:
> Sorry for my ignorance: while translating the About page on the main
> D-W site, I've run into the acronym BOF:
> "Organising BOF discussions at Linux conferences, to promote
> discussion of issues facing women and their involvement in Debian and
> Linux."

BOF= Birds of a feather.
It's kinda like a brain-storming session about a given subject. 

> Now, BOFH of course I know. :) I think this might be something
> different: after all, we don't need to discuss how to be a BOFH: it
> comes naturally, on Monday mornings or when someone says "I don't
> want to understand how to use my computer, I just want it to work."

I "love" to hear this kind of !@%$&@$. 

Specially on Monday mornings. ;-D

Best to you,

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