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Re: DW quotes

[Bas Wijnen]
> I see many people saying that Debian is so rough, and luckily there's
> D-W which is much better.  While there may be some truth in this (I
> do feel D-W is more friendly than Debian itself), I would be careful
> with saying such things in public.

Yeah, beware of self-fulfilling prophecy.  Don't anyone be too
surprised if you go around telling people Debian is scary and then
later you hear people say "I'm so glad for debian-women because I heard
Debian is scary."

There's a fine line between warning people that the Debian Project is
intimidating and unfriendly because it actually is, and warning people
that the Project is intimidating and unfriendly so as to justify the
existence of a subproject which is not.  That would be FUD.

If it ever turned out that debian-mentors, for example, was as friendly
as debian-women, that'd be one less reason for the latter to exist.  So
I can see why people might be tempted to propagate the notion that
Debian development is near-impossible to break into.  I'd like to
encourage everyone, before spreading this idea, to verify that it's as
true as you think it is.

Fortunately, I'm seeing quite the opposite from some people here.
Fernanda and Erinn, for example, have dived into Debian development in
ways I would have been frankly afraid to try when I had their levels of
Debian and Unix experience.  Not exactly the actions of people trying
to show how scary the place is!  (:

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