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Re: DW quotes

Lars Wirzenius wrote:
> ti, 2005-06-14 kello 21:43 -0400, Erinn Clark kirjoitti:
>>- How it's affected your view of Debian as a whole (especially helpful
>>  coming from newcomers, but also good from old-timers)
> I am now optimistic.

I see many people saying that Debian is so rough, and luckily there's
D-W which is much better.  While there may be some truth in this (I do
feel D-W is more friendly than Debian itself), I would be careful with
saying such things in public.

FOSDEM was about the time when I seriously planned to become active in
Debian.  I was using it for some time already, and had looked at the
constitution and policy, but I never built a package, for example.  I
think I had been on #debian a few times as well, but I really think it's
too fast to keep up (that is, too many people saying too many things in
too little time).

However, I didn't perceive Debian to be hostile at all.  In Hanna's talk
were some references to Debian being so harsh, and that especially women
felt offended by that.  This was the first time I heard about this.
Perhaps I've just been to the "wrong" places, but I still don't really
notice this.  However, saying this to newbies may scare them away ("Even
Debian people say it's a Bad Place, I'd better not go there").

So in other words, I am optimistic as well, despite all the warnings. ;-)

Or maybe I'm just too thick-skinned to notice. :-)


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