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Re: Pre-RFA : lifelines, geneweb and poedit packages

> > Last, but not least, a few more (wo)manpower to my maintenance team
> > for shadow would also help. Bug triage there is a big task and we're
> > still not done with it yet. This package is already a team effort and
> > will remain so (and I won't drop my involvment in it) but its
> > importance justifies a stronger team.
> I would be interested in learning about this, even if it is supposedly
> tedious and boring. Happy the blind go to the gallows.

Well, in that case you may subsribe to our package maintenance
list. See discussion with Almut in this thread.

If interested in poedit (yes, even without C++ skills...after all I
maintained that package not so badly for two years even if I'm
ignorant in C++), then apply for an account on Alioth and I'll add you
to the commiters list. We might then need to setup a mailing list

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