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Re: Pre-RFA : lifelines, geneweb and poedit packages

> lifelines: text-based genealogy software

Felipe Augusto van de Wiele volunteered
Magni Onsoien as well mentioned some interest

> geneweb  : Genealogy Software with Web Interface

Magni Onsoien volunteered

> poedit   : cross-platform gettext catalog editor

Luk Claes had some priority as he requested for it already
Felipe also volunteered

So, well, it seems that the d-w project will be enough to find people
to take over my packages.

Currently, I think about starting a slow transition with Magin for
geneweb, Felipe for lifelines and Luk for poedit. Adding Magni to
lifelines and Felipe to poedit is also possible.

As I wrote on IRC, I would have hoped a few more women, but it is
still time to volunteer, ladies and...ladies...:-) 

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