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Re: Getting involved

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Am 11.06.2005 um 10:30 schrieb ||svaksha||:

i would like to volunteer with the debian wiki.

I am not sure, if that is something for a newbie. The Wiki at debian.net is mostly used by developers to have a work coordination. People working in a certain area add their pages and bookmark them. We have done that for www.debian.org web pages, too, as it is not a good idea, to keep ideas and todo lists in mails only. Another example I know is the translation page for the German i10 people. They have words and phrases there to have a consistent translation. So making changes to the wiki in general has an effect to many projects.

I did not care yet, where the the wiki on debian.net in general is discussed. That is something to be found out. But this mailing list (d-w) for sure is not the right place to discuss it. ;-)

I am not sure, what you really want to do. But if you want to help on web pages: I need someone (can be outside Debian) who wants to help testing the css for www.debian.org in different browsers (Linux and other OSes), to find out, where adjustments can be made. Else if you want to help with things on the wiki at debian.net you may start at asking those people responsible for a certain project there. A good starting point are the mailing lists for projects in question.



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