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Getting involved

So, I was talking to Dafydd Harries earlier after taking a gander at
http://wiki.kernelnewbies.org/ and also http://live.gnome.org and we got
to thinking -- there aren't really any task lists that I'm aware of for
Debian and our wiki (http://wiki.debian.net), while not in a state of
disrepair, is probably in need of some love. 

There's some assorted information on http://debian.org/devel/ but
nothing terribly obvious that would be of any help to new people. Often
when people join Debian, they have no idea what to do, so what I'm
thinking is...

Why don't we make it our mission to revamp wiki.debian.net and add some
tasks? Actually, why isn't it just wiki.debian.org? I'm not really sure
how helpful these things are to new (or old people who are looking for
other interesting projects to get involved with) so if anyone has any
comments about their usefulness, please do so. :)

It seems that with the size and distributed nature of these projects,
wikis are nearly the only way to update stuff quickly. Anyway, have a
look through the kernel newbies and GNOME ones to see what I'm talking
about. The sheer dearth of information is amazing and strikes me as
being very helpful. Debian needs something similar.

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