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Re: question about communicating with the list

[Ccing you just in case...]

* Penny Cholmondeley <pac3@ualberta.ca> [2005:06:07 11:30 -0600]: 
> Hi everyone,

Hi Penny, sorry about the slow reply. :)

> I am an MA student in communications and technology at the University of 
> Alberta and am working on web-based resource network for women in science, 
> engineering and technology, with a focus on career development. I have 
> designed the network and am looking for feedback. I am asking people who are 
> interested to surf the network and complete a short survey.
> related to debian.
> Would anyone have an issue with this?

Nope, post away! I'm sure lots of people will take the survey. 

off the chain like a rebellious guanine nucleotide

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