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Re: DW-Map

On Fri, Jun 10, 2005 at 03:19:15PM -0400, Hanna M. Wallach wrote:

> Hi Gregor and Burkhard,
> > > I hesitated a while, 'cause I'm neither a Debian woman nor really
> > > actice in the Debian-Women project but if it's possible please but me
> > > on the map, too.

> Thanks for expressing your interest in being on the DW map. I'm
> interested to know why you like to read this list (and want to be on
> the map!) if you're not active in the Debian Women project. 

I've been following the project since its beginning because I share
the objective of involving more women in Debian and I like what has
been happening in the last year and the way it's done. And D-W is a
good place to get to know Debian better ...
My participation was almost exclusivly "passive", i.e. reading on the
list and sometimes hanging around on IRC (and participating in the
helpful tutorials).
I don't know if this is enough for being put on the map as I haven't
contributed anything actively until now; my idea was that it might
show that I support the project and share the spirit. - But I have no
problem at all if the map is intended to show the current active
contributors only.

> Are you
> planning on becoming more active?

I won't make any promises but it's possible if there is an area where
I can contribute something from my (not very broad) Linux experience.

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