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Re: Pre-RFA : lifelines, geneweb and poedit packages

(leaving this public with the intent to let some debian-women
processes stay visible....and nothing really private anyway)

> I am using geneweb myself now, and since I have been looking for a
> package to adopt that I am using myself I'd like to take some
> responsibility for it. But it will be my first package so if someone
> more experienced wants to co-maintain, I'm happy with that, too. (I may
> need some more time to actually do things since I need to find out how
> to do them first, so a slightly patient co-maintainer would be nice :-))

Fine. I will sync the CVS on Alioth quite soon (I do not keep it very
synced as up to now I was the only member of the project...)

Could you apply for an account on Alioth and subscribed to the package
PTS so that we have a channel to communicate with for development ?

> I haven't used lifelines myself, but it looks like an intersting piece
> of software and probably something I would have used myself if it wasn't
> my father I was primarily setting up the genealogy db for. So I would be
> interested in maintaining also this package.

OK, then same request for lifelines. I have an upload in progress to
fix a request from a bug report I received to day. I'll also sync the

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