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Re: Getting involved


Problem here is that AMD is not a subarchitecture. AFAIK a subarchitecture needs different kernel support from other subarchitectures. As an AMD processor is x86 compatible, it is not a subarchitecture but just an x86 processor from a manufacturer other than Intel..

yes i agree that AMD is not technically a subarchitecture, but currently the row titled "Intel X-86 based" includes no mention whatsoever that perhaps Intel X-86 based includes non-intel clones. perhaps there would be another way to clarify all of this? i don't know. all i know is that if you are a newbie and you want to find out if debian runs on AMD (or VIA or whatever clone you have) there is no fast and easy way to glean this information.

Also, even if AMD is currently the most common x86 clone, it is not the only one (certainly not historically).

yes i understand, i think most common clones should be listed in this table or at least noted on the top pages and not buried in the sub-sub-heading of a doc underneath the main architecture table.

*smile* i hope this is taken as constructive criticism! i actually run debian on a p4 and a p3 and a powerpc, but someone who was thinking of installing debian wanted to know if amd was supported after a long hunt through the website.


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