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Re: Getting involved

(sorry to break the thread, I'm not subscribed)

On Tuesday 07 June 2005, fabienne wrote:
>  i'm glad you brought up this documentation subject. i was poking around
>  the top pages when suggesting debian installs to others and found the
>  lack of mention for AMD glaring.

It's even worse if you consider AMD64: not all AMD processors are AMD64, 
but from the name one would perhaps sooner try AMD64 than i386 
(especially after AMD64 will be in the official archives).

>  i mean, you and i already know that 
>  i386 *implies* AMD compatability, but the download page for testing
>  releases is so scary and accronym-ridden:    
[long route through wiki pages to get to Installation Guide]

>  http://www.debian.org/releases/stable/installmanual

Why take that route at all?
- www.debian.org -> "Getting started", link "latest stable release of
- http://www.debian.org/releases/stable/, link "Installation Manual"
Much easier and logical for a newbie. There are at least four other routes 
to that point from the main Debian website, including through the 
Documentation pages.

>  Now, once on this page, once again, how is the "average" user supposed
>  to know that AMD is an i386 architecture (without consulting wikipedia
>  or google or something). Next the user chooses i386 in their language,
>  and poof! page not found. The only links that work are the ones at the
>  top of the page in english.    

You must have hit one of the rare times the manual was being rebuilt (the 
manual is still being updated for Sarge; help welcome).
>  In closing, yes I agree wholeheartedly with Erinn, the debian wiki and
>  the debian.org webpages in general are in need of some serious love.       

A reorganization of the webpages is planned, but I don't know how concrete 
the plans are. Probable one of the major topics for debconf5.

Frans Pop
(d-i team member, coordinator for the manual)

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