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Re: Getting involved


thanks for your reply. i agree that once amd64 is up on the list of choices, a newbie would be tempted to choose that over i386. some sort of clarification on each page that lists those types would be most welcome.

even from the main debian.org page you can click on the installation manuals page, but linked from other sources is really weird, that's all i was trying to point out.

i re-tried all the links that were broken and they're back up again, i must have caught it at a bad time.

i think the simplest and easiest suggestion i can make to help a newcomer is to list AMD (and VIA and whatever else you may like to list) in the "Supported Architectures" table under the sub-heading "Subarchitecture" to the right of "Intel X-86 based"


and instead would look like this:

<div class="informaltable"><table border="1">

<th>Debian Designation</th>
<td rowspan="3">Intel x86-based</td>
<td rowspan="3">i386</td>
<td rowspan="3">AMD</td>



Frans Pop wrote:

(sorry to break the thread, I'm not subscribed)

A reorganization of the webpages is planned, but I don't know how concrete the plans are. Probable one of the major topics for debconf5.

Frans Pop
(d-i team member, coordinator for the manual)

that's lovely that there are plans to reorganize the site! best of luck with that.


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