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Re: Getting involved

On Thursday 09 June 2005 15:39, fabienne s wrote:
> even from the main debian.org page you can click on the installation
> manuals page

Funny I missed that :-P

> i think the simplest and easiest suggestion i can make to help a
> newcomer is to list AMD (and VIA and whatever else you may like to
> list) in the "Supported Architectures" table under the sub-heading
> "Subarchitecture" to the right of "Intel X-86 based"

Problem here is that AMD is not a subarchitecture. AFAIK a subarchitecture 
needs different kernel support from other subarchitectures. As an AMD 
processor is x86 compatible, it is not a subarchitecture but just an x86 
processor from a manufacturer other than Intel...

Also, even if AMD is currently the most common x86 clone, it is not the 
only one (certainly not historically).

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