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Re: Pre-RFA : lifelines, geneweb and poedit packages

On 2005-06-07 18:46:08 +0200, Christian Perrier said:

> geneweb is an Ocaml program. Maintaining it does not require any
> special Ocaml knowledge as upstream is heavily involved in Ocaml
> development and there is a pretty good Ocaml team in Debian to help
> out with tricky issues. The maintainer scripts are the most
> "complicated" part of this package, which uses debconf to input for
> several settings.  Magni Onsoien has expressed some interest to take
> part of its maintenance.  Among these 3 packages, geneweb is probably
> the one which has the largest amount of users. Maintaining a non
> official sarge backport of new upstream versions as I did during the 3
> years of sarge development is also an interesting activity (though not
> mandatory, of course). Given that it launches a daemon at startup,
> this package is the most exposed to security concerns.
> lifelines is probably the simplest package of the three. It is a well
> maintained C program with low upstream activity, but good
> responsiveness. It does not indeed require much attention...:-)

I am using geneweb myself now, and since I have been looking for a
package to adopt that I am using myself I'd like to take some
responsibility for it. But it will be my first package so if someone
more experienced wants to co-maintain, I'm happy with that, too. (I may
need some more time to actually do things since I need to find out how
to do them first, so a slightly patient co-maintainer would be nice :-))

I haven't used lifelines myself, but it looks like an intersting piece
of software and probably something I would have used myself if it wasn't
my father I was primarily setting up the genealogy db for. So I would be
interested in maintaining also this package.

> In all cases, I will *not* just throw away the packages as soon as
> someone has expressed interest. I am ready to help the new maintainer
> as widely as possible to give her/him a good knowledge of the
> package. Several months of collaborative maintenance are absolutely
> possible. More than one maintainer is also welcome. Long-term
> sponsoring is also an option.

This sounds good :-) I will need a sponsor for a while, since I am not
even in the NM queue yet.

Magni :)
sash is very good for you.

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