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Re: Getting involved

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Hi Erinn,

| There's some assorted information on http://debian.org/devel/ but
| nothing terribly obvious that would be of any help to new people. Often
| when people join Debian, they have no idea what to do, so what I'm
| thinking is...

I totally agree, & I'm really glad you brought this up.  When I first
started casting around trying to look for ways to help Debian I got
pretty lost.

For example:  a lot of people say, "go through the bts and fix some
bugs", but that's pretty vague -- if you're a newbie going to
bugs.debian.org it's pretty difficult to 'find some bugs to fix'.

Or even to focus on a particular package - of the many packages I use
every day it's hard to identify a few that I could particularly help
with, so many packages people use are so taken for granted it's hard to
say, "hey I could help with that", other than sending meaningful bug
reports and/or patches when bugs crop up in use.  Still important, but
slightly different from sitting down and saying "now I'm going to do
something useful in Debian" :)

Maybe someone wants to help, and is proficient in a particular
language(s)- in fact I saw someone posting to -devel with this exact
question recently - it could be easier to find packages that match their
particular language(s).

Note that I'm relatively green myself, so it could well be that there
are simple answers to these questions & I just don't know where the
answers are.

| Why don't we make it our mission to revamp wiki.debian.net and add some
| tasks? Actually, why isn't it just wiki.debian.org? I'm not really sure
| how helpful these things are to new (or old people who are looking for
| other interesting projects to get involved with) so if anyone has any
| comments about their usefulness, please do so. :)

That sounds really good!   I would be glad to help if there's anything
useful I could do.

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