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Re: d-w wiki

* Clint Adams wrote:
> > It should be possible to use UTF-8 with PmWiki, but it will "break" content
> > which is already using latin-1 characters. This content would have to be
> > reviewed and changed accordingly. That would be one solution.
> One could just run « iconv -f ISO-8859-1 -t UTF-8 » for each file, if
> that's the only issue.

I just converted the Wiki files using the method that Clint suggested (thanks
=) and this seems to work now. PmWiki now sends UTF-8 as encoding for each
page. However there seem to be minor glitches, mainly for the Spanish and
Portuguese languages. This seems to happen only for link texts. There might
be a problem with how PmWiki encodes these. I have to look into that further
and will keep you posted.


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