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Re: Core KDE member about HIG^W female contributors

On Sun, 15 May 2005 18:33:28 -0700, Cere Davis <ceremona@gmail.com> wrote:

I really don't like the way it seems like people are jumping all over
this Herman guy because of his remarks.

 I am a big boy. :-)  If I were a true chauvenist, I would be thrilled
by all the nice ammo, reinforced stereotypes and whatnot.

 However, I would not bother to "kick up dust" here if I were not the
least concerned about the fallout.  Hostility between the genders is
a lose-lose thing.  There is so much bitterness that can be harvested
by anyone interested in doing so.

Herman,  I think your comments mean well, though as you pointed out,
it's always hard to know someones true sentiment over email.  I think
a lot of people (women) are just really tired out pointing out the
obvious when it comes to the social behaviour, etc.

 When you get to point it out 10 times more often than normal,
it is no wonder that it gets to you.  And in the best tradition of
free software, FAQs and HOWTOs are written, as if women were gizmos
with a steep learning curve. :-P  As we all know, nobody reads the
manual first. ;-)

 Addressing it will involve some confrontation.  I you say "go away"
to anyone being unpleasant, chances are he'll never learn any manners.

I actually am amazed at how many well behaved geeks are out there,

 Me too.  There is a rather modest portion of nogoodniks, and a "be
nice" memo once in a while will _not_ suffice for those.  I have
read quite a few "you should be ashamed" memos (not here), to which
most of the readers react with rolling eyes and shaking heads.
The guilty ones are the least likely to care.

Herman Robak
herman at skolelinux no

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