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Re: Core KDE member about HIG^W female contributors

Telsa Gwynne wrote:
She's right. I wanted to contribute and give something back to a movement that has given me a lot. And it's a movement that probably
needs Telsa the writer or Telsa the bug-finder or even Telsa the
approver-of-posts-held-for-moderation a lot more than Telsa the
trying-to-write-code. And I understand that.
But damn, the idea that all of this is completely and utterly subordinate
to your "clever coders" galls me.

But writing and bug-finding /are/ subordinate though -- in the sense they only happen after the code's written...

I wonder how plausible it actually is to change that; and have coders and documenters and, shall we say, user acceptance testers, concurrently designing and implementing stuff?

I can't think of anywhere, except maybe in game development, that actually happens, but maybe I'm just ignorant?

Perhaps half the problem is that to get a non-vapourware project started you have to have a programmer, but you don't necessarily need documentation or usability.


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