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Re: New Wiki 'Feature'

> As far as I have seen the Wiki produces UTF-8 encoding. So, if there 
> are characters in the pages, that can only have happend if a browser 
> used to write did not honour the UTF-8 of delivery _and_ page header.

For me, all pages return ISO-8859-1 as encoding (using Firefox, ELinks and
lynx). Manually switching to UTF-8 yields bogus characters. This applies to
Firefox and lynx (couldn't figure out how to change the encoding in ELinks).

I'll have to investigate matters further, find out how exactly PmWiki handles
character sets. I'll let you know as soon as I find out.

> What browser did you use and on which URL did you see a problem? 
> Whithout that info your bug report is a bit unspecific.

I use Mozilla Firefox (currently 1.0), but for testing purposes I also used
ELinks and lynx.

Thanks for the feedback.



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