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Meeting in 7 hours! (was: Re: #d-women meeting reminder -- this Sunday!)

Matthew Palmer wrote:
This Sunday, 16 Jan. 2005, at 0500 UTC[1], will mark the commencement of the
next #debian-women IRC meeting/discussion forum.  It is expected to run for
approximately 1 hour, no doubt with some further discussion continuing from

Our topic of discussion has been decided: we will be talking about the right
and wrong ways to advocate the debian-women project -- brainstorming what
are good points to raise with interested "outsiders", how to deflect the
usual criticisms, and what sort of behaviours to avoid so as not to give the
nutjobs any more ammunition.

I (aka womble) will be facilitating the discussion, and Colleen Hatfield
(aka 'evilpig') has volunteered to take notes and post a summary of the
discussion to wider places afterwards.

- Matt

[1] http://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/converter.html will tell you what
that is in your local time.

Incase Matt isn't up yet to do this, I thought I'd post to remind people that the meeting is starting in 7 hours from now (less a few minutes).

Everyone is welcome and encouraged to join the #debian-women channel in the hours beforehand to introduce yourselves and say hello.

See you there...

Helen :)

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